A Beginners Guide To Playing Basketball

  1. Goal Setting –

Basketball just like any other sports requires discipline and for that to happen those engaging in the sport are required to set some certain goals. Doing this will give you something to work towards achieving and also encourage you to work hard for the same. Never lose focus on what your end goal is and take every day to be a new day for you to put in an effort. Therefore, ensure you set clear goals and your training will accomplish working towards these goals by default.

  1. Great players = Great Athletes –

Although basketball requires you to be familiar with techniques and drills, without basic levels of fitness and strength, you will not be in the position to absorb the sport entirely. Improving your athletic capabilities will help you get stronger and faster thereby making you a better player. What you can do is combine some conditioning exercises such as jogging, jumping jacks, running, pushups, sit ups, etc.

  1. Learn to handle the ball right –

In basketball, the ball is everything and therefore it is vital to ensure you handle it the right way in order to win. Being able to orchestrate the catch and hold the ball in the right manner is key and once you have the ball in your hand it is a good move to pass on the ball to your teammates strategically. You also need to keep away the ball from the competing team.


  1. Defense mechanism –

A defense may not always be the best option but in the case of basketball, it is an important technique you are required to master. For this purpose, some of the things you can do are practice shooting, passing, catching, dribbling and rebounding to help sharpen your skills. Doing this massively improves your control over the ball and reduce pressure.

  1. Make your feet agile! –


Basketball is a land sport and is played wearing sports shoes mostly. Putting effort into training your feet and ankles will help you gain better control over body movements. Control over your body movements automatically means better control over the ball. This is so because your feet wis used to jump, pivot, and run up and down. Training your feet to do the job and be controlled by your will means you are the one calling the shots. Many times, in the course of trying to pass the bill you may need to pivot quickly. To achieve this purpose, you need to know how to pivot and be ready to do it quick. This skill of make-believe and manipulation will be extremely helpful in extracting info through the car game.


Basketball is a wonderful sport, and no matter how good you are at this game, it is crucial to keep in mind all the fundamental points mentioned above.



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